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Made Here In America

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Bird Feeders Etc.  made in USA 


ASPECTS INC.  100% made in USA

Warren, RI

Since 1979 Aspects has proudly manufactured in the USA to ensure continued quality, as well as, loyalty to those customers, employees and vendors who have contributed to our success.We appreciate the loyalty our customers have shown to us over the years and we in turn strive to continue to offer quality, innovative products that are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee.

100% made in USA

Bat Houses, Bird Houses, Bird feeders, more

HollOur incredible, high quality, cedar bat houses are handcrafted and made in USA.y, MI

Are you looking for a handcrafted cedar Bat House, Bird House, Bird feeder or maybe a Duck Box? can fulfill your needs. Products that will last and last without replacement every couple of years. Your friends of flight will enjoy the new home that you have provided for them for many years to come. We also have a line of unique handcrafted one of a kind, decorative yard art ornaments.

BIRDS CHOICE  70% made in USA

Chilton, Wisconsin

Quality materials, excellent workmanship, patented innovative designs, and customer service are the core of all Birds Choice products. The poly-lumber (made out of recycled milk jugs) and inland red cedar products, along with the metal feeders (color domes, small domes, forever feeders) & the aluminum purple martin houses are all made in Chilton, Wisconsin.Some of our products are made overseas to Birds Choice quality specs. These are the polycarbonate feeders, classic feeders and stainless steel feeders.

DROLL YANKEES 100% made in USA

Danielson, CT

 In 1969, Peter Kilham developed the A-6F tubular bird feeder, leading to a new and exciting approach in bird feeding. As an artist, engineer and inventor, he cared about using quality materials and innovative design to create a feeder that birds loved and people found easy to use. Still a best seller, the functional simplicity of the A-6 preserves its place as the standard in the industry.


90% made in USA -Duncraft Brand only

Concord NH

 At Duncraft we field test and use the products we offer. Our first consideration is always bird safety. We have been a leader in introducing new seeds for birdfeeding and in creating seed blends. Our standards for seed are extremely high: we accept only clean, fresh seed into our warehouse – and we sell it so quickly that it always arrives as fresh as it can be at our customers’ doors.


  100% made in USA

Coopersville, MI

 Bird feeders, bird houses, suet cakes, lawn and garden products. U.S. Flags and Accessories.

 Some products described in this Ad

might not be Made in USA

HELLO BIRDS  100% made in USA

Milford, IL

How do you attract these wonders of nature? The fastest way to a bird's heart is through their stomach. Supply your feathered friends a scrumptious meal in our high quality bird feeders. Our beautiful handmade bird feeders attract birds in spring, summer, fall and even winter. A birdfeeder or bird feeder transforms your backyard to an extraordinary habitat for the wildlife around you. Browse through our products containing our finest quality American Made bird feeders.

LOVE MY BIRDS  100% made in USA

Hummingbird Feeder

Grand Rapids, MI

Focus Mold and Machining has created an innovative hummingbird feeder, proving that businesses can adapt as much as the birds can. Owner David Dault is a longtime bird lover, and his high-end Hum Sweet Hum feeders feature 54 feeding ports, similar to the arrangement of real flowers, as well as an easy filling system, built in ant moats and pole mount for hanging options. The feeders and their materials are all made in the United States. Additional ant moats and perches are also available.

  100% made in USA

CamdentoBill Merritt and his wife Terrie, creates garden adornment in their garage studion, MO

Bill Merritt along with his wife Terrie, creates functional garden art in their garage studio near Camdenton, MO. His specialty is hummingbird feeders but all types of garden adornment come from his studio. All the glass used in his art began life as something else-soda bottles, vases, candlesticks, gazing balls, decanters and decanter tops. From common to elegant, glass is united with copper and repurposed. 

100% made in USA

Saint Paul, MN is the original maker and patent holder of the RollerFeeder, which is a squirrel proof bird feeder that uses a squirrel to roll itself off the feeder. We are located in Saint Paul Minnesota and our business focus is using high quality materials, adding value with built-in features, fast customer service/shipping, and above all solving bird feeder problems, small or large. The inventor & owner still operates the business and designs the latest models shown on our website.

S & K Mfg.   100% made in USA

O'Fallon, MO

 We have added several new products to our On-Line Catalog this year with more to come. We have Improved our Purple Martin Houses as well as our Gourd Line and our Purple Martin House Accessories for everything, even for you Do-It-Your Self Individuals. We now offer Free Purple Martin House Plans and we are proud to offer our trusted S&K Birding Products (Purple Martin birds and American Finch Birds) at an Affordable Price, Delivered.


100% made in USA

All of the bird houses, feeders, pictures and kids toys are each hand made. I do not carry a large inventory, and as you can see from the picture of my shop, I am a two man operation. We give you a product that is a "one of a kind." If you give me an idea as to what you want, I will make it for you. I need to know what style, kind of wood, size, shape, color and a picture if possible.

Some products described in this Ad
might not be Made in USA